Dress Up Like a Samurai, Lady Gaga Exhibit Her Dresses in the Streets

Not Lady Gaga name if dressed casual style. The singer does not want to appear unremarkable. See, when Gaga came to Spain he was dressed in an oriental style. As reported by Dailymail, recently Born This Way 'singer is dressed like a samurai and a walk in the airport of Malaga, Spain.

Take a look in more detail clothes. Gaga wore a long-sleeved shirt with ornaments dragon scales. While it is red and his robe hanging down. Gaga also wore stockings with patterns collide.

Meanwhile, for the hair, Gaga did not want the usual course, the woman's real name is Stefani Germanotta seen wearing a wig along the chest. But bangs are made with the odd piece.

As for the rear, Lady Gaga shave and leaving the top and then rolled. Although her dress dangling to the ground, invisible Gaga hassles. He also looks very confident with eye makeup that made her eyelids meet, plus more, eyebrows removed.

Gaga was heading Birmingham. But the 27-year-old woman still had time to upload the photos to social media. Indeed, not Gaga name if not reap sensation with his style of dress.
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