Jennifer Lawrence Felt He Really Katniss Everdeen?

After starring in the movie The Hunger Games, JenniferLawrence felt she had a close relationship with the character she plays named Katniss Everdeen.

It has been long understood better the role in the film adaptation of the popular novel of the Suzanne Collins, Lawrence considers too many parallel lines that connect her with the figure of Katniss Everdeen.

Many similarities nature and circumstances that happened in real life with what she played. Such as how they both handle large sudden fame came, struggle or slow their talents shine in times difficult.

"I remember when I read the books first, when reading it I was going through a period of appreciation for Winter's Bone and I have never experienced anything like it before,

"I so have to pass the things that make me uncomfortable, like trying a lot of dresses for awards or nervous when your words are heard by many people who made me think 'I'm just a girl of 20 years! Do not listen to me! '. But slowly, I will grow accustomed dikeadaan like it. "The story in the article that reported by female first.

But with all the pressure that received Katniss as in the story, 24-year actress is feeling insecure can handle it all. "Maybe I would cry every day and look for my mother if I have a real Katniss," she added.
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