Interpol: Justin Bieber Have 60 Days Before We Pick Forced

The world idol, Justin Bieber some time ago to pay USD 75,000 more for a case of throwing eggs in Calabasas, California.

Not been completed correctly the case above, the name back to court Bieber Buenos Aires, Argentina after the city judge asked his absence in court cases related to Bieber's bodyguard assault against a photographer, Diego Pesoa, last year.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, Thursday (11/14/2014), the judge Facundo Cubas has even asked Interpol to help deal with this case. Bieber has 60 days to come up in court, Buenos Aires, Argentina and accountable for his actions.

Bieber, 20-year-old man is considered to have refused to come at the hearing held recently. The calling Justin Bieber is indeed exceed the maximum limit, so if it does not meet the subpoena, the singer Beauty and A Beat can be picked up and taken forcibly to Buenos Aires.

In a show website Farandula Show which broadcast a romp between the photographer and the bodyguard, Diego looks mobbed bodyguard; his body fell on the ground. The bodyguards reportedly continue to pursue Diego over the mandate of Bieber. It is what they want investigated the local court.
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