Concert in Australia, Katy Perry Gives Thousand Dollar Money For Music School in Australia

It is currently unknown if Katy Perry is busy running the concert 'Prismatic World Tour 2014' in Melbourne, Australia. In the middle of the concert series, Katy secretly was also doing some charity work for a number of music schools in the land of kangaroos.

As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald recently for example, Katy known to be present in a girls' school located in Toorak, Melbourne on Thursday (13/11) yesterday. In such schools, Katy gives a sum of money which is used to develop a music school there.

In this charitable activity Katy Perry collaboration with one of the telecommunications company also sponsors the concert. Katy reportedly had been giving cash prizes worth thousands of dollars more to Loreto Mandeville College Hall.

"I chose you out of more than 300 schools in Australia because there are four beautiful girls that I should like to thank them because it could show something interesting, and very worthy to be enjoyed in their video," said Katy describes the process of selecting his school the visit.

When Katy Perry came to the school, the arrivals of Katy Perry certainly make the girls in the school happy. They were immediately poured into the school grounds to meet and mingle with singer Katy 'Dark Horse' is.

In addition to providing the prize money for the development of music schools and amenities, Katy also sent a message to the girls in the girls' school to forget the men.

"If I talk about my childhood, so my message is that you do not get too preoccupied with boys, they are very disturbing!" Cried Katy, smiling.
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