Goidsargi Estibaliz Carranza Zabala, Cold Bloody Murderer Woman in Austria Live Trial

A woman dubbed the "killer ice" by the Austrian media admitted in court on Monday that he killed two men and cut off their body parts with a saw. Then he buried them with cement in the basement of his ice cream shop.
Crying, Goidsargi Estibaliz Carranza Zabala, who is a citizen of Spain and Mexico, tells the body how to shoot and cut her ex-husband with a chainsaw in 2008. In 2010, he did the same to his new partner.
She froze members of the victim's body in the apartment that doubles as an ice cream shop space. She hid the body in a lump of concrete that was in the basement of his shop "Schleckeria" in the Austrian capital.
Gruesome body parts were discovered by chance when the building was renovated in June 2011. Carranza was arrested a few days after fleeing to Italy and then extradited.
Carranza shot her ex-husband, Holger Holz, which she often violent, lazy and tortured and refused to leave the house after their divorce. She was shot at close range with Holz Beretta .22 caliber pistol three times in the head.
"I never thought I could do that," said Carranza, who wore a gray dress and sunglasses, in a full courtroom. "It was 3 o'clock in the afternoon. There were kids outside when it was nice weather, so someone must have heard it.
"I think the police would come. Then my cell phone rang. It is customer's ice cream, they asked me to come."
After several unsuccessful attempts to dispose of the body, including the "crazy idea" to burn, Carranza decided to use a chainsaw.
"I continue to clean up the murder scene in the days afterward," he told the court.
But his new relationship with Manfred Hinterberger, an ice cream vendor who was about 20 years older than him, quickly deteriorated until she felt "like being in prison ... my head like a smothering with plastic bags."
Before he learned to shoot and kill her practice to mix the concrete at the local hardware store. Carranza shot him as he slept after a fight in a state of drunkenness in November 2010 with the same weapon.
"Manfred turned her face to the wall and began to snore ... I was so angry. I keep the pistol under the mattress. I pulled out a gun, cocked and shot him," Carranza said in court.
In the morning Carranza "Manfred apologized for what he had done." She then dispose of the bodies of victims.
While in custody, Carranza was two months pregnant by another man, who married him while in prison in March this year. The baby was born in January, but the boy named Roland according to his father, was immediately taken away and is now reportedly being cared for by parents Carranza in Barcelona.
"He's really different. He was very gentle, not macho," Carranza said about her new husband. "He will not take me to a situation as bad as that."
"This woman likes to pretend," said prosecutor Petra freh time in the packed courtroom on Monday. "He will try to perform here as someone who behaves well, which is not possible to do something like that."
"My job is to show another side of himself ... that he is a cold blooded killer and immoral," said freh. "Do not be fooled."
A psychiatrist appointed by the court to examine the behavior say that Carranza, now is in a state of "abnormal mental," harmful and feel like a "princess ... who wants to 'rescued' by a man."
The trial is scheduled to last for several days, with about 50 present and seven expert witnesses to testify.(AFP)
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