Michael Brea Killed His Mom With Sword

On Tuesday morning, police found the mother of Michael Brea, dead with multiple stab wounds allegedly committed by Michael Brea, actor 31 years look at 'Ugly Betty' and 'Step Up: 3D,'. Brea allegedly stabbed his mother to death with a samurai sword in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Prospect Heights on Tuesday morning, police told local TV station NY1.

Brea Neighbors heard what they believed to be shouting Bible verses and repeating the word "repent" during an argument at night. Haiti Michael's mother, Yannick Brea, 55, later found dead with multiple stab wounds. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told NY1 that the Brea holding the Bible when police entered the apartment.
"I would say he is a, down-to-earth cool, people who work hard," said neighbor NY1. "I can not see this coming at all."

Police said the scene was "very bloody," according to TMZ. Claiming the same site Brea beheaded his mother and police used Taser to subdue Brea when they arrived on the scene around 02:20. This claim has not been verified by other sources.

The A.V. Club Brea dubious status as a professional actor - he was not, after all, has a page on IMDb - ". Lack of evidence supporting a complete Internet" justify skepticism by other outlets refer to Brea as an "aspiring actor."

In an interview with movie site BelFilm Haiti in 2009, Brea said: "I remember growing up and my mother always fed people who are less fortunate my parents raised me to always share and give alms in the name of God .." The same site notes Brea has a Subway restaurant in Brooklyn with his brother.

Neighbors described the mother and child as "quiet people" to WPIX. "They also said Brea no outward indication of mental illness, and not known what makes snap actor. He apparently had an affinity for martial arts," writes the site.
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